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Hello there!

We’re really glad you’re interested in writing a letter for Dear Penn Freshmen - we can’t begin to express how excited we are to have you on board. Just a few quick things so you know what we’re looking for…

  1. First off, check out the navigation bar above to find examples of letters from the past – these will serve as the best examples for what forms the letters can take.

  2. In the interest of giving you time to write, revise, and re-revise your letters, we want to remind you that we’re targeting having all letters in by mid-March.

  3. The main point of these letters is that freshmen will read them and hopefully see some of themselves in your words. So - be candid, be silly, be as honest as you can possibly be. Do your best to remember how impossibly weird it was to be in this new place at first.  

  4. We’re hoping these letters will encourage a better Penn culture around stress, relationships, career paths and other contentious areas of life. Imagine how much happier/lovelier/more enjoyable Penn would’ve been if our freshmen selves had had the perspective on these issues we’re only coming to now?

  5. Length is really at your discretion - take up as much space as you need to share your story.

  6. If you’re willing/interested in having freshmen reach out to you, feel free to sign your letter with your name and contact info.

  7. Once you’ve written your letter, you can send a copy to dearpennfreshmen@gmail.com.

  8. And, last but not least, we hope writing this letter reminds you of just how far you’ve come these past few years and all the memories you made along the way.

Thanks again for taking for your interest in contributing.


The DPF Team