This project is the brain child of Adam Grant's Fall 2015 Organizational Behavior class. As a group of upperclassmen, we often discussed our frustrations with Penn culture: stress, competition, broken relationships, & rigid career paths, just to name a few. We wanted to figure out how to build a better Penn despite our rapidly approaching graduation date. 

Thus, "Dear Penn Freshmen," was born. This is a collection of letters from Penn upperclassmen writing to their freshmen selves. These notes are filled with advice, anecdotes and random thoughts in hopes that their words will make readers' first year at Penn just a tad bit easier. We're hoping these letters will foster a better Penn culture and assure freshmen that failing an ECON10 quiz doesn't mean the world is actually ending.

Along the way, we hope our words will inspire a renewed environment built on curiousity, kindness, humility, & a prioritization of laughter, health and the little things. 

Upperclassmen: if you're looking to pay it forward with some wonderful advice, or merely looking for any reason to pause your studying, let us know and we'll get you on board! 

Freshmen: read on and let us know what you think. Freshman year can be tough. Trust us, we were there. But we want to help. Let us know how we can. 

Just keep swimming, 
Lauren (on behalf of all upperclassmen) 


** All photos are originals but happy to share any images :)